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U.S. Green Building Council Energy Star ARI Energy storage for Office and Commercial buildings


JC Penney Headquarters

JC Penney Headquarters, LEED Gold
Plano, Texas

What is energy storage? Energy storage utilizes a standard packaged chiller to produce ice during the night and store it in modular IceBank® thermal energy storage tanks. The stored ice provides cooling the following day to meet the building’s air- conditioning requirement and reduce peak demand.

Why should building owners and engineers consider energy storage for office/commercial building applications?

  • Air conditioning during summer daytime hours is the largest single contributor to a commercial/office building’s energy cost.
  • Energy storage has proven to lower cooling costs up to 40 percent or more depending upon electric rates.
  • CALMAC’s energy storage systems have a proven performance track record for reducing energy costs by as much as 20 to 40 percent.
  • Provides quantifiable return on investment.
  • Conserves our natural resources.
  • Provides operational flexibility as energy rates change.
  • Can be used for new construction or retrofit applications.
  • See more benefits.

CALMAC has partnered with The Durst Organization (PDF, 87 Kb), Underwriters Laboratories, Kohl’s, DuPont, IBM, DaimlerChrysler, Wang, American Airlines, McDonald’s, Marriott Hotels, JC Penney, and other customers throughout the world.

CALMAC worked closely with the JC Penney team when they decided that energy storage would be the best cooling solution for the company’s Plano, Texas, headquarters. Energy cost savings were originally projected at $250,000 annually; however, the system has saved JC Penney over $300,000 in annual energy costs.

We also encourage you to fill out our thermal storage analysis form, and a member of our team will contact you with an evaluation of your facility.

Within this site you can learn more about CALMAC’s IceBank energy storage systems and the specific benefits that this type of HVAC system can provide for you.

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