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U.S. Green Building Council Energy Star ARI Energy storage for Medical Centers / Hospitals


St. Francis Medical Center - West, Ewa Beach, HI

St. Francis Medical Center - West
Ewa Beach, HI

What is energy storage? Energy storage utilizes a standard packaged chiller to produce ice during the night and store it in modular ICEBANK® thermal energy storage tanks. The stored ice provides cooling the following day to meet the building’s air-conditioning requirement and reduce peak demand.

Why should administrators and engineers consider energy storage for medical facilities?

  • Provides medical facility administrators with a tool for significantly reducing energy costs as well as other benefits.
  • Energy storage is a demand responsive system offering further cost saving opportunities.
  • Make the standby chiller provide a return on investment by having it make cooling using low-cost electricity.
  • Reduce the size of the standby generator.
  • A dedicated operating room energy storage system can easily supply colder temperatures to operating-room suites, while allowing the existing hospital chiller plant to operate at higher, more efficient temperatures.
  • The savings can be invested toward advancing the quality of patient care, new or expanded facilities, training, increasing salaries, etc.

A common misconception is that medical facilities are not good candidates for energy storage because they require air conditioning continuously, 24 hours a day. However, using energy storage in conjunction with conventional air-conditioning systems can provide significant energy-cost reductions and other benefits.

A total of 80 IceBank energy storage tanks were installed at three hospitals in Hawaii. Facilities at the hospitals (Kapiolani Medical Center, St. Francis West, and St. Francis Liliha) are managed by Sodexho Health Care Services. The off-peak cooling systems shift a total of 2000 tn-hrs from on-peak to off-peak.

We also encourage you to fill out our thermal energy storage analysis form, and a member of our team will contact you with an evaluation of your facility.

Within this site you can learn more about CALMAC’s energy storage ice systems and the specific benefits that this type of HVAC system can provide for you.

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