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Englewood, NJ – Citing customer acceptance of and satisfaction with modular, internalized main headers heretofore available only with the company’s larger IceBank® Model 1190C, 1320C, and 1500C ice storage tanks, CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation will now make internalized headers and piping available on its smaller, 74” diameter models 1045C, 1082C,  and 1105C.  These tanks are designed for retrofit applications as they can be installed in places where access may be constrained. 

The new header designs are said to provide a 20% smaller footprint requirement over previous designs as well as installation and maintenance savings resulting from faster field piping.

These new individual models require much less insulation and are installed by connecting flange sets.  The new tanks feature a high performance heat exchanger, which is manufactured using a polyethylene welding process that eliminates mechanical fittings to further enhance reliability and reduce maintenance.

The internal main headers and piping of the new C Model series tanks offer increased flexibility in siting arrangements by eliminating up to 80% of external piping and allowing for quick connection of 4 to 6 tanks in a row.


CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation is widely recognized for promoting energy conservation and energy cost savings.  An Energy Star® Partner and USGBC member CALMAC is a leading manufacturer of Thermal Energy Storage / Off-Peak Cooling equipment and has over 3,000 ice storage installations worldwide.  You can also obtain information on the new Model C IceBank® tanks by contacting CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation, 101 West Sheffield Avenue, Englewood NJ 07631-4880, telephone: 201/569-0420 or by visiting their web site at




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Ever-increasing loads on the electric grid have caused blackouts and brownouts throughout the country, and peak electric rates have soared nationally as a result of the unsettled market after deregulation. Off-Peak Cooling is becoming increasingly important in this environment, because it is a simple technology that creates cooling at night when energy is less expensive and most efficient, stores the cooling in the form of ice, and uses that ice the following day to cool the building.


The main component of CALMAC’s Off-Peak Cooling system is an Ice Bank® tank. Modular, maintenance-free polyethylene, each tank contains miles of spiral-wound plastic tubing. At night, cold heat transfer fluid circulates through this submerged tubing until 95% of the surrounding water is frozen solid. The following day, the stored ice cools that fluid, which circulates to the air handling coils of the building.


TES saves money by moving the largest portion of the moveable electric load ‘off-peak’. Payback for most facilities averages from one to four years. TES systems can be designed to save energy, too - and the lower temperature air achieved with ice means lower airflow requirements so fans, motors, ducts and pumps can all be smaller and considerably less expensive.