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U.S. Green Building Council Energy Star ARI Press Release


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CALMAC’s IceBank® Thermal Energy Storage Tanks Named a Top Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine

Technology allows buildings to operate as “virtual power plants” and cuts air-conditioning costs by as much as 40 percent

Fair Lawn, N.J. – July 10, 2013 – CALMAC, a leader in energy storage systems, today announced that BUILDINGS magazine has selected its IceBank® energy storage tanks as a 2013 Money-Saving Product award winner. The IceBank® tanks join an elite group of 53 products, which were chosen by BUILDINGS’ editorial staff for the financial benefits that they offer building owners and facility managers. CALMAC’s energy storage tanks can save up to 40 percent on air conditioning costs in commercial buildings. and create additional revenue through demand response incentives by turning the structure into a “virtual power plant.”

The thermal energy storage concept in buildings is what hybrid cars are to the automotive industry. Large chiller equipment, similar to car engines, can be reduced in size and supplemented by the battery power of energy storage during high priced peak times. Building owners can experience significant savings by creating and storing ice at night for next day cooling operations. In addition to avoiding expensive electricity prices, customers can resell stored energy back to the power market typically through a third party that aggregates customers and determines when the best time is to buy or sell electricity to the grid.

With the summer upon us, the thoughts of keeping energy costs low and keeping occupants comfortable are top concerns. The use of ice in CALMAC’s energy storage product also lowers the relative humidity within a building. As a result, occupants feel comfortable even if the thermostat is set at a higher, more cost-saving setting.

“Energy storage keeps people cool and comfortable at an affordable cost” said Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC. “It’s an honor to be recognized in a group of such great products that all strive to cost effectively streamline building operations.”

The award winning IceBank® energy storage tanks are made up of 99 percent recyclable or reusable material. The storage tanks can be easily installed in new structures or existing buildings. IceBank® is a money saving solution for all types of buildings, including those that incorporate a standard chiller, wind power, solar voltaic, geothermal energy or cogeneration.

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BUILDINGS magazine serves over 74,000 commercial building owners and facilities management professionals in North America. The monthly publication helps readers make smarter decisions relevant to the management, modernization, and operation of their facilities.

CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation is transforming how energy is used at buildings to the time energy is used. Widely recognized for promoting peak energy conservation and energy cost savings CALMAC is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA), and the Texas Energy Storage Alliance (TESA). CALMAC is the manufacturer of IceBank® Energy Storage equipment, with over 4,000 Ice Storage installations worldwide. IceBank systems are a valuable component of the smart grid, enabling energy, including renewable wind energy that mainly blows at night, to be efficiently stored for use during periods of high demand.

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Katie Blair
Vantage Communications for CALMAC
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