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CALMAC Applauds California's Energy Storage Bill AB2514

Recently passed bill requires CPUC to set targets for utility adoption of energy storage technologies

Fair Lawn, N.J. – September 30, 2010 – CALMAC congratulates California legislators, Governor Schwarzenegger and all parties involved in the passing of the landmark Energy Storage Bill AB 2514. Authored by Assembly member Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) and strongly supported by California Attorney General, Edmund G. Brown Jr., the bill will enhance and expand California’s commitment to the environment by requiring electric utilities to adopt energy storage technologies, making it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources into the state’s electric grid.

The bill recognizes that the amount of electricity that can be generated at any given time is a relatively fixed amount, but actual demand for electricity fluctuates throughout the day. Integrating energy storage technology will allow California’s electric distribution system to meet and accommodate the ups and downs of energy demand. Furthermore, increasing energy storage capacity would help promote intermittent energy sources like wind and solar power and contribute to an overall more reliable smart grid.

“Energy storage is an excellent solution for making renewable energy sources more economically viable,” said Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC and Chair-elect, USGBC. “Energy storage is critical as we move toward the use of renewable resources and Energy Storage Bill AB 2514 is a step in the right direction for the future of our country’s energy needs. I commend the leaders in California that realized that solving our energy problems is not as simple as just putting solar on roofs and wind turbines on mountians, since solar and wind cannot be counted on to be there when you need them. I hope other states follow California’s lead.”

CALMAC’s IceBank® Energy Storage system employs thermal energy storage by making ice at night, when wind power is most abundant, and using it the next day to cool buildings. The IceBank® tanks shift a building’s energy demand from on-peak to off-peak times, decreasing cooling costs by up to 40 percent and reducing both source energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For more information on CALMAC and ice storage, visit

CALMAC Corporation is widely recognized for promoting peak energy conservation and energy cost savings. A member of Demand Response Smart Grid (DRSG) Coalition and a USGBC member, CALMAC is the manufacturer of IceBank® Energy Storage equipment with over 3,600 Ice Storage installations worldwide. IceBank systems are a valuable component of the smart grid, enabling energy, including renewable wind energy that mainly blows at night, to be efficiently stored for use during periods of high demand.

Press Contact
Tory Patrick
Vantage Communications for CALMAC
+1 202-558-9826

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