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Englewood, NJ -- From November 30 to December 3, 2004, thirteen Congressional staff and Administration officials participated in a fact-finding trip conducted by The Alliance to Save Energy to learn about energy efficiency activities in New York and California. 

CALMAC Manufacturing Corp., a trip sponsor, guided participants on a tour of the Durst Headquarters Building where the company’s Off-Peak Cooling (OPC) thermal storage system is used to cool the building.

The Durst Organization, a major Manhattan commercial property owner known for its environmental concern, chose to retrofit its 20-year old building on the Avenue of the Americas with an Off-Peak Cooling (OPC) system because of the system’s ability to use off-peak electricity to reduce the overall cost of cooling.

During the fact-finding trip, attendees toured the basement of the building, which includes 28 CALMAC IceBank® tanks.  Mark MacCracken, President of CALMAC, informed the group that OPC systems use less expensive, more efficient nighttime electricity to produce ice in 8 ft. storage tanks. “The ice is used to cool the building the following day. Shifting the electric load from expensive ‘on-peak’ hours to ‘off-peak’ hours dramatically reduces energy costs and lessens congestion on the electric grid,” noted MacCracken.

OPC also reduces greenhouse gas emissions since the dirtiest power plants come on line during “on-peak” hours.  MacCracken indicated that there are 20 federal building projects throughout the U.S. where CALMAC ice storage is being used.

Participants in the fact-finding trip included staff from the House Science Committee, the House and Senate Energy Committees and the House Appropriations Committee, personal Senate and Congressional staff, administration officials from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation is the world leader in Off-Peak-Cooling systems.  Since 1979, CALMAC’s Ice Bankâ product line has accounted for 55% of all such installations domestically and 50% of the international export market.  For more information on CALMAC’s LEED Accredited Professionals or its products, contact CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation, 101 West Sheffield Avenue, Englewood NJ 07631-4880, telephone 201/569-0420 or visit their web site at

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