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U.S. Green Building Council Energy Star ARI Press Release





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CALMAC is First HVAC Manufacturing Facility in
New Jersey to Obtain LEED Gold Certification

Utilizes its own energy storage system to drop peak energy demand usage
and cooling costs by one-third

Fair Lawn, N.J. – August 16, 2011 – CALMAC, a leader in energy storage
systems, today announced it has received LEED® Gold Certification for Existing
Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EB:O&M) at its Fair Lawn, New Jersey,
headquarters. CALMAC is the first HVAC manufacturing facility in the state to
obtain LEED Gold. Contributing to making this possible was CALMAC’s
IceBank® thermal energy storage system, installed in 2009, which had lowered
on-peak demand and cooling costs by 33 percent.

Prior to applying for LEED certification, CALMAC regularly incorporated green
practices on all its factory upgrades. During earlier remodeling, CALMAC was
able to utilize more sustainable materials and resources, cut its on-peak energy
demand by 33 percent and reduce usage energy by 27 percent by a combination
of measures, including factory lighting retrofit, process heat recovery units and
the IceBank Storage system. Building materials such as recycled carpet, bamboo
cabinetry and walls and ENERGY STAR appliances were also used.

To obtain the LEED EB:O&M certification, CALMAC enlisted YRG
Sustainability Consultants to help manage the process and keep things running
smoothly. CALMAC implemented new green policies and procedures as well as
installed many energy-saving technologies, new lighting controls and zoning,
reflective roof paint, consolidated transformers and low-volume flush toilets.

“Going through the LEED process enabled us to analyze our energy usage at our
office and manufacturing plant, and using quantitative data, allowed us to ensure
we were as efficient as possible.” said Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC.
“Our biggest discovery was finding out that a machine in the plant was using 2/3
of the entire facility’s energy use. As a result of the LEED process we were able
to make plans to install larger heat reclaim units to significantly reduce energy

“USGBC applauds CALMAC for this impressive achievement,” said Rick
Fedrizzi, president, CEO and founding chair of the U.S. Green Building Council
(USGBC), administrator of the LEED Green Building Rating Systems.
“Manufacturing facilities are especially prone to energy inefficiencies because
their large footprint and energy-intensive machinery. CALMAC’s focused
commitment to sustainability practices across every area of LEED sets a high bar
for manufacturers worldwide.”

CALMAC obtained 61 points to qualify for LEED Gold, including nine points for
energy efficiency, and one innovation point for utilizing its own IceBank system.
To obtain a LEED innovation point under the Demand Response Pilot Credit,
CALMAC permanently shifted electrical loads associated with cooling from
daytime hours to off-peak hours. This permanent load shift had to result in a
reduction of 10 percent below the peak demand, which CALMAC significantly
beat by reducing peak demand by 33 percent.

For more than 60 years, CALMAC has been an innovator in cool energy
technologies. Its flagship product, IceBank, lowers the environmental impact and
costs of comfort cooling by utilizing efficient night-time energy to cool buildings
during peak, daytime hours the following day. In addition, CALMAC’s patented
Alumazorb® Low Emissivity Ceiling, which is suspended over the ice surface,
reduces the energy consumption needed to refrigerate ice rinks. These
technologies assist in lowering our reliance on traditional sources of energy,
especially as changes in the energy industry and a growing interest in high
performance buildings continues to contribute to rapid growth of the thermal
energy storage market.

CALMAC Corporation is widely recognized for promoting peak energy
conservation and energy cost savings. A member of the Electricity Storage
Association (ESA) and a USGBC member, CALMAC is the manufacturer of
IceBank® Energy Storage equipment with over 4,000 Ice Storage installations
worldwide. IceBank systems are a valuable component of the smart grid,
enabling energy, including renewable wind energy that mainly blows at night, to
be efficiently stored for use during periods of high demand.

Press Contact
Tory Patrick
Vantage Communications for CALMAC
+1 202-558-9826


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