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U.S. Green Building Council Energy Star ARI Rooftop Retrofitting Applications

RoofbergCALMAC’s ROOFBERG® product line is a rooftop retrofit system that permits conventional rooftop air conditioners to be converted to an efficient central chiller system that uses Off-Peak Cooling, which is a less-expensive solution than purchasing new rooftops.

Old DX coils are field-equipped with chilled-water headers, while existing blowers, plenum, curb, and ductwork are reused for maximum economy. The existing rooftop compressor and condenser are simply disconnected and left in place. ROOFBERG eliminates cutting new roof openings, expensive roof rigging, the loss of a roof insurance bond, and the disruption of interior activities.

Ice Storage Retrofit for Rooftop Air Conditioning
A New Technology Demonstration by the U.S. Department Of Energy

A large east coast electric utility documented a 43 percent reduction in demand charges, and a 12 percent drop in total energy usage, when three 15-year-old rooftops at a New Jersey middle school were retrofitted to a ROOFBERG system.

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