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U.S. Green Building Council Energy Star ARI HeatMat® Sub-Floor Heating System

Designers and installers, you can speed up installation, reduce labor cost, reduce overall expenses, or reduce energy consumption with CALMAC’s HeatMat I or II sub-floor heating systems. Since 1947, CALMAC has manufactured and distributed innovative products you can trust. CALMAC’s HeatMat systems are proven for heating a sub-floor to prevent freezing of ground water under various surfaces. And now the new HeatMat II comes pre-assembled at a competitive cost!

HeatMat Applications:

  • Turf Warming for year-round plant growing at stadiums and greenhouses
  • Snow melting for athletic fields and dog tracks
  • Lake-coupled geothermal heating applications
  • Permafrost prevention for refrigerated warehouses and ice-skating rinks.

HeatMat Markets:

Race Tracks, Offices, Large Retail Stores, Arenas, Ice-Skating Rinks, Refrigerated Warehouses, Stadiums, Hospitals, Schools

How Does a HeatMat II Heating System Work?
Turf warming Blue Square Permafrost prevention Blue Square Lake-coupled geothermal heating

Turf Warming
In order to achieve year-round turf growth, stadium field managers must keep the turf from freezing. These stadium managers achieve this by pumping heated liquid through a series of tubes, which are installed just beneath the grass roots.

Permafrost Prevention
The constant freezing temperatures that are intrinsic in artificially frozen ice rinks and in freezer storage facilities often cause permafrost damage to the concrete or sand flooring. To prevent such damage, ice-rink and cold-storage facility builders imbed tubes under the floor, through which warm liquid is pumped.

Lake-coupled geothermal heating
Geothermal heating utilizes the earth’s natural resources, thus provided applications with more cost-effective system operations. Lake coupled geothermal heating systems involve laying a series of plastic tubes near the bottom of a lake. These tubes act as heat exchangers.

Quality Assurance
Hundreds of HeatMat systems have been operating without leaks for over 30 years under rinks and cold-storage warehouses. The non-corrodible HeatMat tubing, spaced apart by a rigid plastic strip, provides flex life, stress crack resistance, and low-temperature toughness. Plus, HeatMat is warranted for three years from startup.

Custom Design
Custom-designed HeatMat material may be coiled up and used as a coil or mat. Standard sizes are available, however HeatMat may be fabricated for any size and shape. HeatMat’s flexible design can meet various heating requirements for many different applications.

When deciding to heat your sub-floor with HeatMat, you will decide on either HeatMat I or II custom-designed sub-floor heating systems. See the features and benefits below:

HeatMat I

HeatMat II

Prevents freezing of ground water under the ice slab and the resultant expansion, which could cause an uneven ice surface or extensive heaving and damage to the concrete or sand floor. Speeds the installation of turf warming, snow melting, or a lake-coupled geothermal system while reducing expenses of salt plows, snow removal, grass seed, and sod. Energy consumption is reduced when utilized for a lake geothermal system.
Designed for permafrost-prevention applications like ice rinks and refrigerated warehouses. Designed for snow melting on athletic fields and dog tracks, lake-coupled geothermal heating, permafrost prevention at refrigerated warehouses and ice-skating rinks.
Four-foot-wide mats are made with ethylene-vinyl acetate twin tubes Seven-foot-wide mats are made with 5/8", single, medium-density, PE tubes. Mats are totally welded to provide leak-free systems.
Tubes are on 12-inch (300-mm) centers to provide triple capacity redundancy. Tubes are factory-welded to sub-headers.
Header pipes, factory-supplied PVC headers for supply and return fluids, are easily assembled on site using standard PVC cement procedures and have mats attached directly to the headers using leak-free eyelet clamps. Header, factory-supplied, (4" and 6" PE) pipes, in 21-foot sections are field-assembled using standard polyethylene welding procedures to the two-inch subheaders.

NEW PRODUCT-HeatMat II Provides Easy Installation and Low Cost
In order to further reduce field expenses and to address the labor needs of related applications, HeatMat II was created. In the field, HeatMat II is rolled out over the graded sub-base and joined to the header pipes with standard polyethylene welding tools.

“An entire football stadium can be installed and under a pressure test in about two days,” notes CALMAC President, Mark MacCracken.

For more information on HeatMat I or II, e-mail us at

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