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Ice Mat rollout

IceMat II - World Championship Rink
Ice Mat II, World Championship Rink


IceMat® ice rink systems are simple, custom, high-quality ice rinks. Unlike other ice mat systems, CALMAC offers a factory-installed main header design option, which minimizes time and labor. IceMat also provides greater heat-exchange surface area than conventional indirect or direct refrigeration piping systems. This feature allows IceMat to make good quality ice even when air temperatures reach over 90°F. IceMat systems consist of a series of mats, which are unrolled over the rink floor. The mats are made of tubes that are evenly spaced and uniformly raised over the rink floor by preinstalled, rigid, plastic spacer strips.

In order to meet a customer’s needs, CALMAC offers two different types of IceMat systems, IceMat I and II. Both are made for each individual application. Contact CALMAC to see which IceMat system is best for you. The following are the standard specifications for IceMat I and IceMat II:

IceMat I

IceMat II

  • Four feet wide by up to 200 feet long. A standard NHL rink (85 feet by 200 feet) would use 50 mats, 85 feet long
  • Ideal for non-standard designs, bobsled runs, and portable applications
  • Lowest flow/HP pump requirement
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate tube material
  • Medium-density polyethylene tube material–0.50 inch ID in each tube
  • 5/16" O.D. twin tubes spaced 1.5 c/c
  • 3/4" mats have copper subheaders field connected to main headers
  • Seven feet wide by up to 250 feet long. A standard indoor rink (85 feet by 200 feet) has 13 mats, 200 feet long
  • Ideal for permanent or portable applications – can be embedded in concrete or covered with sand for year round or seasonal use
  • Low Flow/HP pump requirement
  • Polyethylene tube material
  • High coolant working pressure
  • 5/8" O.D. tubes spaced 1.5 c/c
  • Mats have schedule 80 PVC main headers

Decrease your installation time

To further decrease installation time, the tubes of IceMat II are factory-attached to main PVC headers. The headers are interconnected using groove lock connectors that enable quick assembly and the leak-free circulation of coolant to and from the refrigeration unit (chiller).

Simple design

After the system is connected to the refrigeration unit, the coolant (glycol, methanol or calcium chloride) is circulated through the tubes to begin the cooling process. IceMat’s piping system provides a unique counterflow that circulates coolant in opposite directions, to even out surface temperatures. As the mats cool, water is sprayed on the rink as mist and then in a progressively larger flow as more of the water freezes. Within hours, ice completely covers the mats and forms a perfectly uniform ice sheet, which then can be painted.

Click here for additional product information regarding IceMat I and IceMat II.

Please click here to contact CALMAC for additional information or questions.

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