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CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation is the world leader in the product design and manufacture of Off-Peak Cooling (OPC) systems, which utilize Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to air condition buildings. Calvin D. MacCracken, in Englewood, New Jersey, founded CALMAC in 1947. Just minutes from New York City, the company’s New Jersey manufacturing facility produces over 4,000 IceBank® Storage tanks annually.

Thousands of customers like The Durst Organization, Underwriters Laboratories, Kohl’s, JC Penney, DuPont, IBM, DaimlerChrysler, Wang, American Airlines, McDonald’s Marriott Hotels, schools and universities, medical centers, and ice rinks around the world, have partnered with CALMAC. Installation sizes range from 30 ton-hour capacity required by a McDonald’s franchise in Geneva, Switzerland, to the 30,000 ton-hour needed for the JC Penney corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas, or the T&C Building in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the 10th tallest building in the world.

As a research-oriented manufacturing company, CALMAC has developed over 250 products, most on behalf of other companies or the United States government. CALMAC is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ice-skating rink equipment. ICEMAT® is CALMAC’s patented rollout refrigerated ice-skating surface, which is installed in over 700 ice-skating rinks, bobsled runs, and curling rinks. Its patented, energy-conserving design creates perfectly uniform temperature ice with a dramatic reduction in pumping power. The patented Alumazorb® Low Emissivity Ceiling, suspended over the ice surface, reduces the energy consumption needed to refrigerate the ice. The Icemat is used for indoor and outdoor rinks.

Over the years, CALMAC’s research has led to designs and products of significant importance for different industries and applications. In fact, many know the product, but are not familiar with the name. Here are just a few of the hundreds of products developed by CALMAC:

  • Jet Heet® and Space-Pak®, the original high-velocity heating and air-conditioning system licensed to Dunham-Bush.
  • K-Pad, the hospital heating pad sold by American Hospital Supply Corp.
  • Roll-A-Grill, the hotdog cooker used all over the world.

Changes in the energy industry continue to contribute to rapid growth of the thermal-storage market and related products. The company’s mission is to continue as the industry leader in innovation; to be environmentally conscious in all its activities; to provide high-quality products with unsurpassed value; and to remain relentless in its commitment to high standards of excellence in products and services for each and every CALMAC customer.

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